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Discount Shops, Thrift Shops, Pawn Shops – Are They Really a Good Deal?

When talking about shopping to most people about discount shops, thrift shops and pawn shops - they often think of a place to go to find a good deal. The reality is that this is not always the case. These types of shops can at times offer amazing deals, but at the same time the same shop might have some items ridiculously priced.

When going into any of these types of shops (or any retail outlet for that fact), you need to be educated on what you want to buy, make sure you know the good brand names, the bad brand names and the price of these items and what they should come with.

When new products come into discount shops, thrift shops and pawn shops - often these places try to get the items sorted, priced and on the floor as soon as possible, there is no point in having inventory sitting around that isn't selling. Because of this (and sometimes sheer volume) the employees or owners of these shops need to use their own expertise and price accordingly. Because of this you will often find a huge discrepancy. For example gold, most of these places will know the price of gold very well and price it properly. However with something such as golf clubs, unless they play golf or have interests in it, they may not know as much and the price could be very low or very high.

The whole idea is when going into shops like this, you should always try to be more educated than the person who priced the items. If they aren't a good deal, then just walk away. If you find that good deal, take advantage of it! If you have a cellular phone with internet on it, take that and have it ready, if you find and item you are interested in, look the item up online and see how much it is going for on classified sites such as craigslist, kijiji and ebay.

Don't be afraid to haggle or bargain, if you don't feel the item should be priced the way it is, you can always ask. They won't always lower the price but it can't hurt to ask.



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