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Diaper Cream for Acne



Diaper Cream for Acne:

Some of you might go really ? would that work? you might think i am crazy or you might of even tried this yourself. I have been dealing with acne for as long as I can remember. I know how much it sucks. I think I have tried almost everything out there!

Once we had our kids and our daughter would get horrible diaper rashes I thought of this. We went through a lot of diaper cream and the best diaper cream we  found for our kids was the Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream. This stuff is amazing!!

With that being said I figured if diaper rash cream will clean up these rashes over night why wouldn't it work for my acne & blemishes?

So sure enough I put the Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream on all my acne and blemishes (pretty much half my face) and went to bed. When i woke up in the morning I noticed a huge difference in my face. Not only was my acne getting better but my blemishes and black heads where disappearing.

I tried other diaper rash creams none of them worked like the Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream.

So needless to say I just love this stuff!! Only down fall is it does cost around $7-$10

You can find it at well.ca for $8.99 by clicking here! (which is where i will usually buy because we do like to buy from them time to time)

I also recommend trying the homemade acne cream and face-wash as well which can be found by clicking here!

You can also get a $1.00 off printable coupon for Aveeno Baby products which can be used towards the Aveeno Baby Diaper rash cream

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