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Decorative Easter Eggs


For a fun unique cheap way to decorate your easter eggs this year why not try covering your egg in glue then decorating in colorful yarn. You can ever use pipecleaner, tissue papers, construction paper, ribbons, Just think of anything you have laying around the house the is colorful. Have roses left over from Valientines day? try taking them to your eggs using hairspray to hold the leaf pedals on.

Egg Prepreation:

Take a needle to the top of the egg and poke a little hole.

You will then ened to do the same for thee bottom.

Then over a bowl or sink blow inside the egg in one end and all the insides will come out the other.

Then rinse your egg and dry. The reason for doing this is so your egg doesnt start to smell and you can keep your decorations forever.

You can then use the insides to make some yummy breakfast.



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