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Cruise Connections

Enter to win Some great pries from Cruise Connections Good Luck




Prizes include only those items and costs expressly listed on the Contest Entry Page.  Any incremental costs associated with the use or ownership of the prize (including, but not limited to, all insurance costs) are the sole responsibility of the winner.  All dollar values cited in these Rules are in Canadian currency. Any difference between the stated approximate retail value and actual prize will not be awarded.

The Contest is designed as a Showcase Contest.  Showcase Contests are designed to allow one winner to choose one prize from the options shown in the Contest Showcase Category (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.) associated with the Showcase chosen by the Sponsor for the particular Contest.  The prizes not selected by the winner(s) will not be awarded in that particular Contest.  The approximate retail value of each prize offered in the showcases, as determined by the Operator, is as follows:  Platinum Showcase $25,000; Gold Showcase $10,000; Silver Showcase $5,000; and Bronze Showcase $1,000.

In addition to the Showcase Contest prizes, Operator, in its sole discretion, may award Instant Win and/or Daily Draw prizes of various values as a “bonus” for entering the Contest. Upon entering the Contest, each entrant will automatically qualify for an Instant Win or Daily Draw prize.  Instant Win prizes range from $2 to $250 in approximate retail value.  Daily Draw prizes range from $25 to $1,000 in approximate retail value.

Winners of all prizes will be randomly chosen by the Operator.

Winners of Instant Win prizes will be notified in the automatic email message confirming their entry into the Contest and must respond by clicking on the link in the email by 2 p.m. EST the following business day in order to claim their Instant Win prize.  Winners of the Showcase and Daily Draw prizes will be sele

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