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Coupon Trains

Coupon train is when there is about minimum 4 people is best to approximately 8 people mail coupons to each other.  You start by getting the names and address and email address of however many people you wish to have in your train. You then type them out on a peice of paper make sure you dont forget to ad your address last. You then add 10+ coupons that you have no use for at all.

You then add the address list and coupons and mail to the first person on your list. You then send a email out to your coupon train group letting them know that it has mailed out and to whom it got mailed to first. When the person receives this she then has 1-3 days to go through the coupons take what they wish and ads whatever she wont be using from her stash.

The general rule of thumb is put back as many coupons or more of what you have taken.

This person will then cross off her name from the list and then mail it out to the next person. They to will also send out a email to evereyone on the train to let them know they have sent it to the next person. This continues until the train comes back to the person who started.

When the person who Started the train gets the coupons back I recommend switching the list up so that a different person gets the letter from someone else this time. Other wise you may find the coupon you were hoping for was taken by the person before you. So this is just a nice way to switch it up.

If you are interested in looking to Join or start a coupon train then check out our forums.

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