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New to Couponing? or don't know the Coupon lingo? Well here is a list of the Coupon Lingo people our using to help make it easier! We usually try not using this on our site to help make it easier for the new people so everyone understands and knows what we are talking about. We hope this helps though!
Coupon Abbreviations

AC=After Coupon (the price after you use a coupon)
AR=After Rebate (final price after you get your rebate)
BOGO / B1G1=Buy One Get One ….
BOGO FREE / B1G1 FREE= Buy One Get One Free
CNP=Coupon Near Product
CRT=Coupon on Register/Receipt Tape
CZ=Coupon Zone Coupon (Loblaw's)
FAR=Free After Rebate
FPC= Free Product Coupon
FT=For Trade
IP=Internet Printable Coupon
LF=Looking for
MAN=Manufacturer's Coupon
MIR=Mail IN Rebate
NED=No Expiry Date
OOP= Out Of Pocket
PM=Price Match
HV= High Value (coupons)
RC=Rain Check
RRRLF=really, really, really looking for
SCOP=Scanning Code of Practice ( To find out more & a list of Stores using the Scanning Code of Practice / Conduct Click here)
SMP=Specially Market Packages
SPC=Student Price Card
TMF=Try Me Free
WYB / WUB=When you Buy

Tear Pad=A Pad of Coupons or MIR near a product display
Peelie=Coupon you Peel off a Product/Package
Call In / Mail Out=Coupon you receive after either calling or emailing the Manufacturer
Insert= Coupons found in Newspaper inserts (usually 1- 2 times a month) There are 3 regular inserts that come out in Canada (Redplum, SmartSource and Brandsaver)
Magazine= Coupons found in Magazines
Booklet = Coupons four in information or recipe booklets you find in stores or with magazine subscriptions.

websaver / save.ca / brandsaver= Coupons found on their website (you order them)
Shopper`s Voice= Coupons mailed out to you from filling in the survey at Shopper`s Voice
Printable = Coupons printed from online sources
Hang Tag = Coupons found hanging on your door or hanging on a product (around the neck of a bottle)

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