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Compulsive Buying Disorder

Compulsive Buying Disorder is defined as someone having an obsession with shopping, spending and buying that causes negative situations or outcomes. It is estimated that this disorder effects 6% of people in North America and surprising or not, is just as common in males as females.

Unfortunately the majority of people who have this disorder end up more in debt that people who do not have this, while this is not a symptom, it is the outcome. Just having debt does not mean someone has this disease.

Compulsive Buying Disorder doesn't just apply to people who are spending money uncontrollably, but it also applies to people who constantly think about buying things even if they never purchase them as well as people who spend an abnormally high amount of time shopping even if not much money is actually spent during these trips. Like many other disorders, people may or may not even know or understand the exact ramifications of what they are doing, they will likely not even know that their behaviour is out of the ordinary.

If any of these symptoms above sound like you or someone you know, you should speak with your doctor about this. This disorder has landed several people into massive debt which has caused strain across several aspects of their life. This obviously has the ability to effect ones personal life, especially with loved ones. It can also effected their work life and several other aspects as well. The one good thing about compulsive buying disorder is that it is very treatable with the help of the proper help. This might consist of therapy sessions, group sessions, studying of habits, etc.

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