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Canadian Tire – Gas Multipler Coupons – Now Printable!


Since the dawn of time (well, maybe not that long ago) Canadian Tire has given out Canadian Tire money in store and at the Gas stations. In addition to this, each week there is a different coupon that multiplies the amount of Canadian Tire money you get back from the Gas stations. Typically these have always been distributed in the flyers and in the stores. Now, they are finally online and printable!

Each week this will be updated and it is open for most of Canada to print their own coupon multipliers.

Visit Here to Print Your Weekly Canadian Tire Gas Multiplier Coupon - remember to check back each week as it changes weekly!

Below is a chart to show you how much Canadian Tire money you get back based on the multiplier. Click on the image to enlarge it to make it easier to read.


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