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Canadian Companies Who Will Mail You Coupons



Canadian Companies Who Will Mail You Coupons

Are you looking for high value coupons? Most high value and Free product coupons (FPC) will come directly from the manufactures. All you have to do is call or email them. When you do this you just let them know how much your family loves using their products and that you are wondering if they have any coupons they can send you. Some companies will send you some and other companies won't. Don't be afraid to ask, The worst they can say is no. Other times they will say yes and you will get great high value coupons if not (FPC).

You may or may not receive the same coupons on my list which will vary by the representatives you get. I find to it doesn't hurt to try again the next week if the company has already said sorry they don't have any. By calling and trying again you may get a different representative who is more willing to give you coupons. This has happened before with me a few times. I have also seen where someone has said they have gotten a (FPC) where I only got a $1.00 off or vise versa.

The following is a list of coupons I and others I know who have received coupons from Manufactures in the past.

Please Remember not to take advantage of these companies and only ask for coupons from companies that you truly do enjoy.


Arthur`s Smoothies: Was sent 2x $1 coupons Email: Click here

Aveeno: Was sent 1x $3 coupon Email: Click here

Biore: Was sent 2x $1 coupons for any product Email: click here

Blue Dragon: Was sent 1x $1.50 WUB2 AND 2x $1 WUB2 Email: Click here

Chapmans: Was sent 1x $4 coupon. You can email yearly to request coupons. Email: click here

Clover Leaf: Was sent 1x $0.50 WUB2 flavoured tuna coupon and 1x $1 WUB3 flavoured tuna coupon Email: click here

Danone: Was sent 2x $3 gift certificates Email: Click here

Daiya: Was sent 3x $0.50 coupons Email: Click here

Driscoll’s Berries: Was sent 1x $1 coupon Email: Click here

Duncan Hines: Was sent 1x $0.35 coupon for cake mix, brownie mix or frosting Email: click here

Eden’s Organics: Was sent 3x $1 coupons Email: click here

El Monterey: Was sent 4x $1 coupons Email: Click here

Fresh Express: Sent 2x FPC for packaged salad Email: click here

Gain: Sent 2x $1 coupons for fabric softener or laundry detergent Email: click here

Gay Lea: Was sent 2x $2 coupon Email: Click here

Glutino: Sent 2x FPC, 1x $1 and 1x B1G1 FREE coupons Email: click here

Haagen-dazs Received 10x $1 stackable coupons Email: click here

Hills/Science Diet Pet Food: Was sent 2x $10 coupon Email: Click here

Iams: Sent 4x $2 coupons for dog food and cat food. Email: click here

John Frieda: Sent 1xFPC and 1x$1 off coupons Email: click here

Johnson & Johnson: Sent  2x $2 Tylenol/Reach/etc. product, 2x $3 Aveeno/Neutrogena/etc. product. Note: You can call/email monthly to request coupons. Quantities are limited as they are trying to switch over completely to printable coupons. Email: click here Phone Number: 1-866-565-2229

Marc Angelo Meats: Sent 1x $1 coupon Email: Visit their Facebook page

Michelina’s: Was sent 1x $1 coupon Email: bellisio@cfrservices.com

Natura: Was sent 5x $0.75, $0.50 and $1 coupons for soy and rice beverages. Email: Click Here

Organic Meadow: Sent 4x $1 coupons + fridge magnet, Sent 3x $0.75 coupons Email: click here

Pita Break: Sent 1x $5 WUB2 coupon for any Pita Break products Email: click here (join coupon club)

Purina: Sent 3x $2 Maxx Scoop Litter, 3x $1 Dry Cat Chow, 3x $3 Dry Dog Chow Email: click here

Rice Works: Sent 2x $1 coupon Email: click here

Revlon: Was sent 4x $1 coupons Email: Click here

Rogers: Sent 2x $0.50 coupons for cereal, 2x $0.50 coupons for granola and 2x $0.50 coupons for flour Email: click here

Schick: Sent 1x $2 coupon for Schick razor Email: click here

Tetley: Sent 3x $1 coupon and 1x FPC for any product Email: click here

Uncle Bens: Was sent 2x $1 coupon Email: Click here

Vlasic Pickles: Was sent 3x $0.35 coupon Email: Click here




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