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Books.. Go Digital and Save Money

Amazon Kindle is the most recent breakthroughs in terms of books. Prior to this all books were physical and in soft or hard cover. Now, thanks to the Kindle people can download their favorite books and read them on their device such as the Amazon Kindle Fire or Apple iPad.

At first, I thought this was a horrible idea, who wanted to read books on a portable device? It took some time and convincing but I eventually gave in. I started downloading books to my iPad and reading them with the Kindle App. At first it was a little different which is to be expected. After a while I started to see the benefits. No more do you need to lug around big heavy books, an iPad or Kindle Fire is smaller than a single book and on these devices you can hold hundreds if not thousands of books.

The price is also a benefit, Amazon Kindle books typically sell for cheaper than physical books. This also doesn't take into account the transportation costs to visit the store to purchase them, or the price of shipping.

The biggest benefit is convenience, you can view all of your collection in one place and carry it all around where ever you go. If you haven't starting looking into this, we strongly recommend you start now.

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