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Booking a Cheap Vacation


We all need some time away, this time away taken in different ways. Some people prefer to take "stay-cations" and take time off of work and stay at home and relax. Others like to take trips a few hours ago and some take trips hours away. Regardless of your choice of vacation there are several things you can do to save money.

Discount Services - Sites like Expedia and TripCentral offer the ability to search several sites at the same time to give you the best possible rates.

Last Minute Trips - This is not for everyone, but if you wait until a day or two before you're ready to leave you can get a last minute deal on a vacation at a heavily discounted rate.

Book in Advance - The other side of the coin is to book your vacation well in advance to avoid the premium prices.

Depending on your destination, if you can drive opposed to flying, you could save yourself some money.

If you need to change over currency, try to do this before your trip, if you do this at your local bank you can often get a better rate and less fees than if you wait until you're at your destination. Also make sure if you are carrying a credit card with you that you alert your credit card company you will be traveling so they don't mark your transactions as fraud and ensure that your destination accepts the credit card you are planning on using.

Don't forget, if you are flying to ensure you make travel arrangements to and from each airport and/or parking for your vehicle, search around, often big cities have parking services that will shuttle you to the airport and it costs a fraction of the price to park your car there compared to at the actual airport.

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