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BOGO – A Great Deal? Or a Clever Advertising Tactic?

Most people have heard the term BOGO, if not, it just means Buy One, Get One.. The get one is not always the same, it's all based on what the store is offering. At times it might be buy one, get one free. Other times it might be buy one, get one 50% off or buy one, get one 25% off.

BOGO is such a generic term that you really need to pay attention to the actual offer to see if it's a deal or not. To do this just look at the total discount. For example for a Buy One, Get One Free - the discount is 50% (you buy one item, you get the second for free), this is a pretty good deal in most cases and very easy to follow. Now What about Buy One, Get One 25% off? The discount ends up being 12.5% (buy 2 items, pay full price the first item, get 25% off the second item - thus 25/2 is 12.5%), this is ok, but nothing amazing.

This is why we need to be educated consumers and make sure we figure out the full discount prior to purchase. The other trick with BOGO offers is they often persuade us to buy more then we really need. If you are visiting a retail outlet for one item and they have an amazing sign and advertising campaign where they are advertising that if you are already buying your one item, you get your second at (insert discount here) off. As always make the determination if you really need the item and if it really is a good deal.

Make sure you also are educated on the stores refund and return policy, each company treats BOGO returns differently.

As always, we need to ensure that we are educated consumers, just because a retailer tells us it's a great and amazing deal, doesn't mean it always is. I am not saying never to buy BOGO items, just make sure that it's a good deal and that you really need and have budgeted for the items!

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