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Beginners guide to entering contests

Beginners guide to entering contests:

Contests are a great way to win free stuff. People always go oh I never win, why bother?. Well if you only enter 1 or 2 contests every now and then your odds aren't that great. For people who are just getting into contest entering I recommend starting small. You do this by entering Daily Instant win Contests, and one time entry contests. Spend 15-30 minutes a day doing this and you will be on your way to winning. Every "contest addict" will tell you that you "Can't win if you don't enter."

There is a lot of great websites and Facebook pages out there to help you find the contests. Trust me there are so many contests out there that would take you days and days to enter all of them. This is why I say start small, create you own data base list as well.

After you have started with your Daily Instant win Contests and one time entry contests. You will want to get on Facebook and do the Facebook contests there are so many like and share contests out there. You just have to be careful with some of these. Some are obliviously fake like 100 Ipad giveaways and so on.. I have won many prizes from these like and share contests from, Cash, Purses, Iphone, Free hotel night stays, make-up etc.  These contests are super easy to enter and easy to do. The only thing is you need to keep track of some of them because they require you to contact them if you win. So you need to check back to see if you actually won.

You will  then want to either start entering the multiple entries a day contests and blog contests. You can enter these contests once. Which will get you a entry but keep in mind that your chance will grow so much more if you enter everyday. To remember which ones you are entering everyday you should keep a list of all the links so everyday you can just click the links and enter again. This will help you keep track.

Just be careful because you can get very addicted to entering contests everyday. I know many people who spend hours and hours a day entering contests and wining lots of great things.  You need to be able to moderate it to a hour or two a day and enter the contests you hope to win.

I recommend staying away from the referral link contests, these are usually won by people who run blogs, and Facebook pages who advertise contests. They love to promote these types of contests because they know there chance of wining are greater than most.

I also suggest staying away from contests that require you to "like" a photo or something unless you are apart of one of the Facebook groups that will help you get the "like" that you need to win. I find these contests are legit and are basically fraud.

Contests that show you how many entries are in the contest already are great way to see your odds in actually wining. If there is less than a 1000 entries your chances are huge. So make sure you enter.

Here is my favorite blog for contests www.contestgirl.com They have Canada, USA contests, all separated. They also separated there contests from, Daily entry, single entry, blog entry. etc.

This is my favorite website for winning books, I have bookshelves full of books thanks to this website www.goodreads.com/giveaways

I have won thousands of dollars in cash and prizes last year from entering contests. Which is why I recommend people to do so. Because if you do win its a great way to save money and not having to break the bank for something you may have wanted.

I hope this helps some of you and I will be adding to this soon!

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