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Backup to the Cloud for Free with DropBox

Most of us keep important files locally on our computer, this could be documents, pictures, videos, etc. However if something goes wrong on our computer, it could cause is to loose these documents. Over the years I have seen this time and time again, in the modern age of electronics, anything can happen at anytime. I have seen parents shed many tears as they didn't have a backup and they lost all of their family photos.

There are solutions such as an external hard drive, but unfortunately there is a cost. The other option is using a service like Dropbox. Dropbox is a free cloud storage service. When you first join you get 2 gigabytes for free, this might seem low, you can however earn more by referring friends. The other option for Cloud storage is you could use a service like MyPcBackup, however this is not free and there is a charge.

What is Cloud storage? This is just a fancy term that means the files are stored remotely on a server on the internet. This means if something happens to your computer at home, you will be able to retrieve them regardless of what happens.

Again, we recommend to get started that you check out Dropbox, since it is free it will allow you to try out backup up your items to the cloud to see how it works for you. It's very easy, once you get a free account you just need to install the Dropbox software and then copying files to Dropbox is the exact same as copying them to different folders on your own computer. To get more information visit the Dropbox homepage and take the tour.

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