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And.. the last mail call for 3/28/2013

Ok, so I might be a little late to post this but late in the afternoon/evening I received this package. I recently "lost" my glasses (ie: kids). So I needed to order a new pair, recently I have heard a lot of hype about Clearly Contacts. I admit, at first I was a little skeptical as I remember the last time I looked for glasses I spent lots of time trying on different pairs before I found some I liked, but for the discounted prices I decided I'd give it a go.

I visited a local glasses store just to try on different frames and different sizes - You can get an idea on this website on frame/glasses sizing. After I had a good idea on the frames I liked and sizes I needed.

I also took advantage of a promo that Clearly Contacts was running, where your first purchase is free (just enter FPF at the checkout as a coupon/promotional offer). I elected to add the coatings value bundle for $13.95 since I was saving so much money. In the end the grand total was $31.29 ($9.95 shipping and $7.39 handling). Not bad for a pair of glasses, since the last pair I bought from a big box retail store was around $200.

They arrived 4 business days after placing my order online and my first impressions are great, the frame I picked is exactly what I wanted and the sizing is great.



Also, not in the picture but was included for free was a free glasses cleaning spray, microfiber cloth and mini repair screw driver. (The case was also included and free) I was very impressed to not only receive the glasses but to get these extras for the cheap price of $31.29. If you need or are interested in glasses soon, I strongly recommend at least taking a look at Clearly Contacts and see if there is anything you like. You cannot beat the price and value.

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  1. Michelle Chow says:

    Hello, ipp. I have heard a lot about them, too. But did not know anyone who had tried them out. Some great tips and nice to hear from someone who has tried them out. Thank you for this post, iPennyPinch.

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