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A Trip to Target in Milton Ontario on Opening Day

It was Tuesday March 5, 2013. Target opened their doors for the first time in Canada in Guelph, Fergus and Milton Ontario. Of course we couldn't resist or stay away, we had to check them out!

We decided to check out the store in Milton due to location. Once getting to the doors of the store, we were greeted with a nice big target sign right next to the entry.


At the other side of the entry, the hours of operation were posted.


Right near the front they had signs stating that this was just a "sneak peek", which would address the empty shelves and hangers were later on encountered.



For an opening day, they did not have many great deals as we would have expected, nor did we see any special promotions or anything that would indicate a grand opening, it almost seemed like a "business as usual day".

Ironically the one price checker we tried to use was already broken, it would not scan anything.


Most of the store looked like a "regular" store, not too much special going on. I however really did enjoy their electronic department, it reminded me of the apply store in appearance. It was very sleek and modern looking. On the upside, they did sell Apple as well 🙂


Most of their prices seemed on par with most other big box stores like Walmart and the previous Zellers, we are very interested to see what Target will be throwing at us next.


Here is a gallery to view more pictures if you are interested.

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