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A Quick and Easy Tip for Buying Produce

The challenge with buying items like produce is they can have a short shelf life and it's often best to eat them at a certain time. If we eat them too early, they aren't ripe yet. If we eat them too late, they might be spoiled. The best example for this is banana's. If you buy them and they are green, they taste funny. At the same time you don't want to wait until they are yellow/brown as they won't taste great either.

This is a simple solution to save multiple trips to the grocery store and to eat fresh. Banana's is probably the best example for this. When you purchase them, buy 2 yellow that you can eat today and tomorrow, also buy 2-4 green ones that will be ripe within a few days. This will allow you to get it all in 1 trip and also help you schedule the food to be fresh and ready for your consumption.

This doesn't only apply to banana's, think about tomato's, melons, etc.

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