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9 Cheap Mothers Day Gift Ideas All Mothers Love

9 Cheap Mothers Day Gift Ideas All Mothers Love



There are so many great gift ideas for mom on mothers day. Being a mom myself of 2 wonderful kids and having not only my wonderful mom but a step-mom and amazing mother in-law these are some great DIY cheap gift ideas to do for your mom or moms for mothers day.

1.) Create your own card- I love when my kids create there own cards for my Birthdays, Christmas any holidays especially Mothers Day. Its unique and special and just means a lot more then a store bought card. Trust me moms love these.

2.) Create a coupon book - Creating a coupon book that mom can redeem for is a wonderful great idea especially if you actually use them. Here are some ideas to but into your coupon book.

-Will was dishes for a week

- Will take Garbage out

- Will Clean the Living room (bathroom, bedrooms, basement, kitchen, garage etc.. )

- Will make dinner

- Will do laundry for a week

- Entitles your to a foot massage (if you have a older daughter or if you are a daughter, consider doing a mani-pedicure on your mom for her she will love it and you guys get to spend quality time with each other)

- Will make you breakfast in bed

There is so many great ideas you can do for a coupon book and trust me mom will love it.

3.) Pampering your mom for the day - Making your mom breakfast in bed, making her lunch and dinner, cleaning the house for her just letting her relax and not having to worry about any of the things she would normally have to do. She will love this because she actually will get a little break.

4.) If you have $20-$30 I recommend going to a paint your own pottery studio and painting your own piece of pottery for your mom, if you are a dad and have a new born baby consider taking your little one in to use your little ones hand or foot prints on a piece of pottery. Most pottery places cost $5 and up, depending on the size of your piece, most studios the price will include paint, glazing and putting in the kiln. Just make sure you do this at least a week before mothers day so they have enough time to glaze and kiln it for you.

5.) Picnic- If its nice enough outside consider packing a lunch and going for a walk to the park and having a nice picnic outside with your mom.

6.) Cake - Making your own cake or cupcakes is a cheap rewarding way to celebrate your mom. What mom doesn't like cake or cupcakes. If you make cupcakes consider spelling happy mothers day on the cupcakes for her.

7.) Plants - Try Spray painting old tin cans, and punching some holes in the bottom of the cans and placing flowers in them for your mom. Flowers or plants you mom can keep all year round are better idea then flowers that will just die after a few days. This way she can enjoy them for months and years to come depending on the type she gets.

8.) Sand Art - Create a special color sand art jar for your mom (Click Here )

9.) Facial Mask - Make your own special Face Masks for your mom, and offer to apply a special face treatment for her! (Click here is 4 cheap recipe's for face masks)


These are just a few cheap great DIY ideas mom will love that will either cost you nothing or just a little bit mom! So don't forget your mom on Mothers Day and remember she will love anything you make her, more then anything you could buy at a store.

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