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15 quick money saving ideas


  1. The most important money saving idea is to create a budget. By creating a budget this will help you to stop spending money you do not have on items. Creating a budget will help you get a big picture on your finances and cash flow. Using money management tools will help you control your spending better.
  2. Open a high yield savings account so that the money you are saving will be harder for you to spend. Only use your checking account for your everyday expenses and "hide" the rest of your money elsewhere. Where you will not be tempted to use it. Remember do not use your credit cards for your everyday purchases that's a fast way for you to spend more money then you actually have to pay it off.
  3. Use coupons and online coupon deals like check out 51 for helping you save money. Just make sure your not buying something only because you have a coupon for it. Make sure it is for something you actually might use.
  4. Consider shopping online. You may find a better deal online, Lots of stores will offer free shipping. You can also find coupon codes to get %10-%50 off your order as well at some stores.
  5. Bring your own lunch to work. If you spend $10 a day on lunch that's $200 a month on lunch (not including weekends)That's over $2000 a year.
  6. If you live close to your work consider Walking or riding a bike. You could save hundreds of dollars a year by doing so.
  7. Consider carpooling to work if you can. You could save wear and tare on your car and money on gas.
  8. Be creative with exercises so you can avoid having to get a gym membership. Think about using makeshift exercise equipment for your exercise routine.
  9. Avoid Buying items and stuff you do not need or will hardly use. For items you think you might want or need. Wait a couple of weeks, see if you actually need it and if you do need it make sure you save for it.
  10. Be careful that you don't buy stuff that you already have. I am sure we have all done it we buy things then realize later that we already have those very same items at home, either buried under clutter or gathering dust somewhere.
  11. Get a library card. Instead of buying books or renting dvds, cds, etc.. Go to your local library and get if for free.
  12. Don't be afraid to ask around for things you need or want. People are always looking to get rid of stuff so by asking your co-workers, friends and family you might be able to find it for cheap and even free.
  13. Buy any holiday items you may need after the holidays. Most retailers will offer 50%-75% off holiday decorations and gifts.  Our family likes to hold the big family Christmas dinner after Christmas and most of us will go out and get presents after Christmas when all the sales are going on so we all save money.
  14. Consider getting rid of your cable bill.
  15. Cut back on your electricity by making sure when you are not using your lights turn them off. If you are not using your toaster unplug it, same with your radio, tv, coffee maker etc.


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