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15 Fun and Funny Ways to Save Money Around the House

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  1. Double up your morning coffee cup – after you brew your coffee at home, when it comes time to empty the used coffee grounds from the filter, empty only half of it – then reuse the other half plus the equivalent of new unused grounds for the next day’s cup. By doing this you will cut your coffee bill almost in half.
  2. Reuse ice-cube containers and plastic fast food containers. Ice-cube containers can make a great storage for earrings, cufflinks, pins, etc. Plastic fast food containers can be used as Tupperware containers, which can be used for food or storing practically anything. Some ideas of what to store in these – sewing kits, jewelry, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, open candy such as smarties and M&M’s, keys, the list goes on and go, just be creative!
  3. Use toilet paper instead of tissues/Kleenex – if you remove the roll from the toilet paper you can just flatten the roll and put it into a used tissue box and it will slowly unravel as you use it. Another option which normally isn’t as favorable is to take old shirts and cut them up into squares and use those as tissues/Kleenex.
  4. Cheap duster/broom – depending on the area you are cleaning, take a newspaper or 2 liter pop bottle and cut strips in the bottom to use as a cheap duster or sweeper.
  5. Reuse paper plates and plastic cutlery, just like the regular plates and cutlery – these “one time use” dishes and utensils can be reused several times.
  6. Use vinegar to clean – as long as you can get past the smell, vinegar works as a great cleaner and is less harmful then the regular chemicals that many companies produce and sell. Some ideas of what you can use vinegar to clean – floors, windows, walls, toilets, bathtubs, bathrooms, tiles, garbage cans, microwaves, ovens, fridges, freezers, sinks, tea kettles, coffee makers.
  7. Save your fast food condiment packets – salt, pepper, ketchup, vinegar, sweet and sour sauce, soy sauce, etc – save them and store in your re-used plastic containers from step 2.
  8. Take the light bulb out of your fridge and oven, most people do not need them anyways!
  9. A simple scoop or dustpan - Reuse your 2 liter bottles of pop and cut them into the shape of a scoop/dustpan.
  10. Every month or so, don’t buy food for 1 week, only use what you currently have in your house, this can take some creativity, but the money saved will make it worth-while.
  11. Bundle up and turn down the thermostat, instead of relying on the furnace to heat the house, just put on extra layers of clothing and enjoy the savings!
  12. When you’re done with boiling water, go outside while the water is still very hot and find weeds that you wanted to get rid of and pour the water on them. Boiling water will normally kill weeds overnight.
  13. Use grocery store bags as trash/garbage bags, this will serve 2 purposes – hopefully you will try to reduce your amount of garbage/waste and you also won’t need to pay for garbage bags!
  14. Use a laundry rack or clothes line instead of a dryer, when washing/dryer clothes, the majority of energy used is from the dryer, the bonus is you will help prolong the life of your clothes by not submitting them to the heating effect of a dryer.
  15. Make sure in all of your light fixtures you are using low energy bulbs, also if any of your light fixtures are multi-bulb, then only use 1-2 of the sockets and leave the others empty.

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