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12 Ways To Save Money On Your Heating Bill


12 Ways To Save Money On Your Heating Bill

With winter almost here it is almost time to turn the furnace on and here is a few ways to save you hundreds long term on your heating bill.

  1. First you will want to determine if your home is properly insulated. Some companies will come over and do a free insulation analysis, giving you a list of things that you would want to do to improve energy efficiency and a estimate of potential savings.
  2. Keep all your windows and doors tightly sealed. If air comes in through either door or window when it is closed; you will want to replace or add additional weather stripping to prevent air bleed through. Replace your old windows and doors with new thermal versions that will help make sure the warm air stays inside and the cold air remains outside where it belongs. Use thermal-lined curtains and blinds to help keep the warm air in your home. When the sun is out and bright open up the curtains to  allow the sun to warm your room.
  3. Repair all cracks or holes in ceilings, foundations and around windows or doors as this may be allowing cold air seep inside your home
  4.  Close off attics, basements, garages, or screened-in porches that may be allowing cold air to enter your home.
  5. Turn the heat on only when it is really needed. while the weather is transitioning consider adding layers of clothes instead of turning the heat on. Consider setting your thermostat to 2 degrees lower during the days when no one is home and when its warmer outside.
  6. Replace your furnace filters regularly; at least once every 4 months or often if needed. Clogged filters will make the heating system work overtime to compensate for improper air filtration.
  7. Check your air ducts. They may require cleaning. Some can become dangerously clogged, which could be a health as well as a fire hazard. Seal off any leaks with tape this made especially for the materials in question.
  8. Avoid using kitchen and bathroom fans in the winter. They are meant to cool the air. Something that isn't needed when the weather is already cold.
  9. Cut hot water usage. Turn the hot water tank to a lower setting than normal. When away for a long period of time turn the system down to the lowest setting possible.
  10. Keep all your natural gas appliances(stoves, dryers etc.) in prime working condition. Follow the appliances instructions with regards to maintain and up keep. Make sure to replace any old worn out models with new energy efficient models.
  11. Use other home heating alternatives to help heat your home. Like a log burning or clean-burning fire place. Consider getting a electric blanket for your bed so that the room temperature can be turned down at night. Make sure if you do have a fire place that you keep it closed and blocked off so cold air doesn't come in.
  12. Weather proofing your windows. You can buy a window insulation weather proofing kit for $20-$25 and its simple and easy to do. It comes with a clear plastic and double sided tape you apply the tape, and then the plastic. You then need a hair dryer and go around the edges where the tape is. This will make it nice and firm. You wont be able to open your window but this will keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

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