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100 Ways To Use Coconut Oil



100 Ways to use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great cheap way to help you in your beauty, health and around the home and even your pets. Coconut oil costs about $20 for a jar but you can get so much out of that jar for your money. We have over a 1oo ways to use coconut oil to help you with your beauty, health, pets, cooking and around the home.

Be sure to check out our article on Coconut oil - and everything you need to know This should help you better understand why people are taking coconut oil daily.

It is recommend that you take 3-4 tablespoons daily to help you with many of the health symptom's.

Be sure to let us know in the comment's below if you have tried any of these ways to use coconut oil and if it has worked for you. If you know of one that isn't listed below be sure to let us know what it is!!



Coconut Oil for your Health

1.) Help a newborn babies bottom to help keep the meconium from sticking to their skin by rubbing coconut oil.

3.) Rub the inside of your nose with coconut oil to help with runny noses, allergies, sore nostrils, etc.

4.) Massage coconut oil  into tired, achy sore muscles (You can also add a couple drops of essential scented oil)

5.) Mix with oregano oil or tea tree oil and use on athletes foot or other fungal infections.

6.) Coconut oil may be useful for helping colitis symptoms.

7.)Research has been showing that coconut oil may help with dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

8.)Coconut oil is great to treat lice. Melt some coconut oil in warm water then apply to scalp. Let stand for 5 minutes then rinse.

9.)Coconut oil is effective in removing warts and moles.

10.) Use Coconut Oil will help treat thrush.

11.) Try using Coconut Oil will help treat symptoms of Bladder infections

12.) Try using Coconut oil will help with yeast infections both internal and external

13.) Use coconut oil to help soothe burns. Make sure you only apply after the initial heat from the burn is gone. Do not apply to burns that have not "cooled" or else you will trap the heat in the skin.

14.)People have recommend coconut oil for patients with ADHD and Autism.

15.)Try using coconut oil to treat ringworm.

16.)Ear infection? no problem, try treating your ear infection with coconut oil. Just put a few drops into your ear at the first sign of an ear infection.

17.)Kidney Stones hurt when you get them so try taking 3-4 teaspoons of coconut oil a day to help your kidney stones pass easier.

18.)Think you might be getting a cold sore then try mixing coconut oil with oil of oregano and use at the first sign of a cold sore.

19.)Mix coconut oil with a drop of lavender oil to help soothe hemorrhoids.

20.) Try using coconut oil to help treat a sty on your eyelid.

21.) Use coconut oil to help with menopausal dryness (Dr. Oz recommends this).

22.)Dab coconut oil on a canker sore to help soothe the pain and speed healing.

23.)Use coconut oil to soothe pink eye infections.

24.)Some say coconut oil can help with ulcers by fighting against the H-Pylori bacteria.

25.)Stressed out, then try applying and massaging cocnut oil to the temple of your head in a circular motion.This will help releive stress and mental exhashution

26.)If your having problems with digestion by eating your daily recomended does of coconut oil daily will help. The saturated fats in coconut oil have anti-bacterial properties that help control, parasites, and fungi that cause indigestion and other digestion related problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. The fat in coconut oil also aids in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, making you healthier all around. Coconut oil has been proven to stimulate your metabolism Coconut oil is great for stimulating your throid function Nose bleeds from sensitvity to weather such as extreme hotness and extreme coldness.This condition happens when the nasal passages become dry because of cold or dry air resulting to burns and cracks in the mucus membranes so bleeding happens. To prevent this just put coconut oil in you nostrils. Coat your finger with coconut oil and then lie down and coat your finger inside your nose. Doing this will strengthen and protect the capillaries in the nasal passages. A Vitamin C supplement will also help prevent nose bleeding.

27.)For moms who breastfeed try consuming 3 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily this will enric your milk supply. Coconut oil will help keep your blood sugar level stable and help with cravings. Great for people with diabetes. Apply coconut oil to toenail fungus. By taking coconut oil daily will help with having hot flashes With women who mensturate by taking coconut oil daily you will find it helps with pain, cramps and heavy blood flow ( works great for me) Taking coconut oil daily will help with migraines coconut oil will Releives gallbladder pain

28.)Coconut oil has been known to give you enegry boost by taking daily May releive acid reflux. try taking your coconut oil with or before each meal. helps with children who have asthma

29.)Coconut oil will help with circulation problems Coconut oil may also help with, mental clarity and depression ( I was allowed to stop taking my anti-depresents since i noticed a huge change in my mood after taking coconut oil everyday, not recomended until you consult your doctor of course.)

30.)Cellulite apply coconut oil to the affected area

31.)Helping with fighting cancer - lots of research is being done with coconut oil and people taking daily to help prevent and shrink there tumors naturally.

Coconut Oil for Beauty

32.)Coconut oil will help smooth wrinkles and shrink pores

33.)Whip some coconut oil in your mixer for a fluffy body moisturizer that will stay soft year round. You can even try adding scented oils.

34.)Use Coconut Oil on color-treated hair for a extra conditioner for your hair. This is a great treatment for dried, damaged hair.

35.)Mix Coconut oil with nutmeg and use on blemishes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes then wash off.

36.)Have a favorite Mascara brush? It is always good to give it a clean every now and then. So try using Coconut oil to help clean your brush.

37.)Making homemade lip balm with coconut oil is a real treat for you lips to help leave plump, soft and smooth.

38.)Brush coconut oil onto your eyelashes for an eyelash strengthener.

39.)Use on pimples, acne and blemishes.

40.)Homemade deodorant made from coconut oil! (My favorite we use this all the time and works great) Homemade Coconut Oil Deodorant recipe

41.)Help prevent stretch marks by rubbing coconut oil on the affected areas. Great for pregnant women.

42.)Use Coconut Oil as a carrier oil for homemade baby wipes.

43.)Mix Coconut oil with baking soda for a wonderful facial scrub, to help with acne, black heads and just to brighten up your face. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse. Your face will feel clean and refreshed and will also help tighten skin.

44.)Use Coconut Oil to help control and reduce eczema and psoriasis symptons by rubbing on the effected areas.

45.)Use coconut oil to sooth sore throats by letting a teaspoon dissolve in your mouth slowly and let run down your throat.

46.)If you use a mouth guard, use coconut oil as a cleaner. Just wipe some on your mouth guard and let it sit during the day. Rinse well before using. Use a thin layer on the guard each morning to help keep it clean.

47.)When waxing your hair at home try using coconut oil to prep your skin and remove excess wax from your skin.

48.)For expecting mothers, Try using Coconut oil to massage on the perineum daily starting at 7 or 8 months (tip from a midwife).

49.)Massage into fingertips to soothe and prevent hangnails and ingrown nails.

50.) Mix coconut oil with cinnamon and oatmeal for a face scrub.

51.)While there is no fix for split ends other than a haircut, you can work small amounts of coconut oil into fried strands to smooth them out and add shine

52.) Before shaving apply coconut oil instead of shaving cream for a nice smooth clean shave.

53.) mix coconut oil with baking soda to make your own homemade toothpaste

54.)As an eye-makeup remover

55.)As a cloth diaper safe diaper cream (just rub on baby’s bottom

56.)As a naturally SPF 4 sunscreen

57.)In place of Lanolin cream on nursing nipples to sooth irritation (also great for baby!)

58.)help get rid of cradle cap by massaging coconut oil into your infants head

59.)Use coconut oil a natural personal lubricant that won’t disturb vaginal flora

60.) Mix coconut oil with equal part of sugar for a gentle homemade body scrub to leave your skin smooth, soft and refreshed.

61.)Use coconut oil as a natural homemade diaper cream

62.)Can help reduce appearance of varicose veins

63.)By itself coconut oil is great for a tanning oil

64.)Mixed with catnip, rosemary, or mint essential oils as a natural bug repellent

65.)Rub into elbows daily to help alleviate dry, flaky elbows

Coconut oil for Around the Home and Cooking

66.)Better for high-temperature cooking than olive or vegetable oils

67.)Use coconut oil in homemade infant formula.

68.)When baking try using coconut oil instead of shortening for pie crusts, biscuits etc.

69.)Use coconut oil to lubricate kitchen accessories such as scissors when cutting food that are sticky like marshmallows, dates etc..

70.)Try using coconut oil to get lipstick out of a rug.

71.)Coconut oil is great moisturizer for cleaning leather products

72.)Rust Remover -Rub the area with coconut oil and wipe clean. The oil should remove the rust. This works really well on garden tools too. Rub the oil on the garden tool, and it will remove dirt and rust.

73.)Removes Baked on Leftover Food. Pour melted coconut oil on the pan and wipe clean. Then wash with soap and water

74.)We have all experienced this, stains on our plastic containers from sauces. An easy solution, rub a thin amount of coconut oil on the container, and this will help to prevent any stains

75.)A non toxic solution to Goo Gone. Mix equal parts of coconut oil with baking soda, spray and treat the area.

76.)Dab a little amount of coconut oil on your cutting board, it will smooth it out while clean it.

77.)Coconut oil is great to add in homemade soups

78.)Take a spoonful of coconut oil about 15-20 minutes before each meal to help curb your appetite.

79.)Mix coconut oil into your coffee or tea.

80.)When making toast use coconut oil instead of butter. Try adding a hint of cinnamon.

81.)Use a little bit of coconut oil on a damp clean cloth to help clean a scummy shower. Wipe the coconut oil, then spray with white vinegar and wipe dry.

81.) Use coconut oil instead of soybean or canola oil for frying.

83.)Replace vegetable oils in baked goods (like brownies, cupcakes, muffins, cake, cookies, cookies, and bread) with coconut oil.

84.)Make your own peanut butter (or other nut butters) with coconut oil.

Other great tips and tricks for Coconut Oil

85.) Insect repellent – mix coconut oil with peppermint oil extract and rub it all over exposed skin. Keeps insects off better than anything with Deet! Tons safer too.

86.)Try using coconut oil as a guitar string lubricant.

87.)When getting a new tattoo, try rubbing coconut oil onto your tattoo to help with the healing process.

88.)Use Coconut oil instead of mineral spirits to clean hands and brushes after using oil-based paints

89.)When cleaning your car try adding coconut oil to a soft cloth and polish and detail the inside of your car.

90.)Use coconut oil on your plant’s leaves instead of chemical-filled leaf shine. Just dab a small amount on a soft cloth and wipe your plant’s leaves with it.

91.)Try using coconut oil to remove chewing gum from your shoe, carpet, or other unsavory areas where gum has gotten stuck.

Coconut oil for Pets

92.)Massage coconut Oil into your pets skin to help with dandruff.

93.)Add a spoonful of coconut oil to your dogs food to help with arthritis, joint and ligament problems along with digestion issues and weight control.

94.)Use coconut oil as a non-toxic flea treatment that really works well.

95.)Use coconut oil soothe hot spots on your pets skin.

96.)Use coconut oil to clean the inside of your dog’s ears by apply some to a clean towel and rubbing gentle.

97.)When coconut oil is  given to cats, it seems to help with the hairball issue (tip from several cat lovers).

98.)Feed coconut oil to your dog to help improve doggie breath.

99.)Apply coconut oil to bug bits on your pets skin to help relieve

100.)Feeding your pet a teaspoon of coconut oil daily will help with itchy dry skin



DISCLAIMER: Please note, these uses are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. They are simply testimony of people who have used coconut oil for various things and have had success. Also, please remember that what works for one person may not work for another person. It is always wise to consult with your doctor before changing your diet. In the case of pets, it’s a wise idea to consult with your vet before changing your pet’s diet.

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