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What to do When You Get Charged Penalties, Hidden Fees, Etc

Most of us have encountered this at one time or another, a company adds a hidden fee or maybe a not so hidden fee, or a penalty or some type of charge that we were not expecting or quiet frankly don't want.

When this happens, don't just accept and pay it. Always dispute it. At first, just speak to the first line customer service and ask them what the fee is and why they charged it. If you were charged this in error, explain this to them and ask that they reverse it. If you weren't charged in error, explain to the person you are speaking with the circumstances and ask them to waive the fee as a one time courtesy.

If this person does not help, escalate to the next level, ask to speak with a supervisor or manager. It's not disrespectful, if you don't get what you are looking for, then you need to speak with someone else.

If you notice this fee prior to you paying, you have a big advantage as the ball is in your court, unfortunately if you have already paid it you will likely have a harder time disputing it. We still recommend that you still dispute it. If you can't get the full amount of the fee waived, asked if they will waive a portion of it. Another thing you can do if you can't get a full amount waived is ask to have the fee as either store credit or on a gift certificate.

Sometimes you will need to be persistent and make several phone calls, or several visits. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, this doesn't mean to be rude, it just means to be persistent. Phone calls and in person visits also speak and mean much more than emails or letters. If you aren't good at this, then just practice, just remember, it can't hurt!

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