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What is Debt Fatigue?

debt fatigueeee


What is Debt Fatigue: Complete overwhelm by the amount of debt incurred, and a feeling that he or she will never be able to pay it off - so the debtor stops making payments and continues spending money. Debt fatigue commonly leads to a declaration of bankruptcy.


debt fatigue

Once again Debt-Fatigue is what happens when you are in a hole of debt for so long you can't even imagine daylight anymore. You have lost hope. You keep borrowing and spending money you don't have being overwhelmed by the amount of debt you have the seeming futility of your debt repayment process. You have just given up and gone shopping and spending your money.

Debt fatigue is a big contributor to most people staying in debt. The sense of never being able to change things overwhelms even the best of intentions. To avoid debt fatigue you will have to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It does not matter how long you have been in debt for or how much your debt is, if you want to be better off than it has been, if you want to be debt free, then this is when and where you need to draw the line in the sand. You must make a plan to be consumer debt free in 36 months (3 years) or less.

How long you are prepared to live in misery is up to you. You can bite the bullet and do what it takes to reclaim your life or you can just keep mewling about how hard it is to get to even. But while you are whimpering away and whining and complaing because of all of your mistakes and overspending you will be paying a TON of interest too, money that would better used doing something nice for you.

Look at all your debt and see how much money you are wasting away in interest every month. Start paying down your highest interest rate debt first.

Get out of being debt fatigue and stay away from it.


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