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Using Portions is the Way to Go


You may have heard using portions referring to a diet or to food, there are many other places where we can use portions to help us get ahead.

As mentioned above, the obvious use of portions is good, only cook and take what you need. This will not only help save money but also help keep you in better health. Keep in mind if you decide to make extra food for leftovers to actually use it as leftovers.

Portions can apply to several other things in our lives, almost anything and everything. In the bathroom, only use as much Kleenex, toilet paper and tooth paste as you need - see how little you can get away with using!

When cleaning, try to use just enough cleaning solution to get the job done without over doing it. Don't under do it, just use "enough" and no more than that.

When doing dishes or laundry, only use as much solution as you need, there is no need to use extra detergent or dish washing solution.

Only wash your clothes, sheets, etc as much as you need to, if they are dirty then obviously wash them, if they aren't dirty, perhaps you can get more use out of them before washing them, this will also help to make them last longer as well.

Apply the same logic if you need to salt your driveway in the winter, or when you're watering plants - only use what you need, never more!

Same with your car, you don't always need to fill up a full tank of gas. You don't always need to get the expensive car wash.

Work on portioning as much as possible, this will not only save you money, it will also help you live a simpler life style.

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