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Understanding the fine print on your Coupons

Understand the fine print on your Coupons

These are just general guidelines on how you can help ensure a quick and painless check-out process when your cashing in on your coupons. There is nothing worse than getting to the check out and finding out that you have read the fine print on your coupons wrong, and holding up your fellow customers. Here you can find some common regulations that you may find in the fine print of your coupons.


One coupon per purchase:

this means that you can use on 1 coupon per item that you are purchasing. For example if you have 3 items for a specific coupon than you will need 3 coupons to get the deal on all three items. Some new cashiers or cashiers who do not deal with coupons on a regular basis may interpret this to “limit one coupon per transaction”. So you may find that if you have a expired coupon that says “limit on coupon per transaction” to carry that with you just in case you run into this problem. You may even ask to speak to a manager.


One coupon per transaction:

This means regardless of how many of the specific product you are buying you are only allowed to use one coupon for that transaction. For example if you have 3 of the same product you can only use the 1 coupon for the entire transaction. If the store isn’t busy you can then divide your purchase into multiple transactions. We recommend not doing more than 3 at a time. This is poor couponing; you can either be holding other people up in line or annoying the cashier. You’re best to go back the next day and redeem more coupons if you have any.


Cannot be combined with any other off:

This usually means that if the store your trying to use your coupon for has a sale on you will not be able to use the coupon for that already on sale item. This however is different from each retailer. You may want to even ask customer service before you go ahead and try to make a purchase with that coupon or even call the store ahead of time.


 Any product:

This means Any product from that brand. Sometimes these coupons will show you a picture of a more expensive version of their product. This doesn’t mean you need to purchase the product in the picture. You can purchase any of the name brand product and receive the amount off. But be careful sometimes the coupon may say “except on” which means you cannot use the coupon on that name brand products size or there brand name of their product.


  One Coupon per person/visit:

this means the same as one coupon per transaction except that you cannot do multiple transactions during your visit with the coupon. You will need to leave the store go back in and go to a different cashier if possible.



 For example if you have a coupon that states “$1.00 off the first 3”, this means you only need 1 coupon for the first 3 of your products. If you have more than three of this product you will than need to present another coupon. Unless the fine print on the coupon says one per visit, or per transaction


Up to:

This is usually found on “free product coupons” the catch is it will only take up to a certain price off the product. So if your product is worth 3.99 and your coupon says up to $4.99 off, You will then get your product for free. With that being said you will only get the $3.99 off. The stores shouldn’t be taking the “up to” price.  But be prepared to pay more if you product costs more than the coupon price. Also read the fine print on all your “free product coupons” sometimes it might also state that taxes are included.


Coupon not subject to doubling:

Sometimes stores mostly American coupons, not so much for Canadian Coupons have “Double value coupon day”, Which allows customers to get double the value off on their coupon. So let’s say you have a coupon for $1 off your product.   On the day of the stores “Double value coupon day” some coupons will be worth $2 off unless your find print reads Coupon not subject to doubling.


Coupon not subject to stacking: This means you cannot use more than one coupon whether it be the same coupon or different on the same produce. Stacking coupons is very popular with American Coupons. It is very rare for a Canadian store to allow Stacking. London Drugs is one of Canada retailers who allow stacking coupons. Unfortunately London Drugs can be found only in the Western Provinces of Canada.


BOGO FREE, Buy 1 Get 1 Free:

These coupons are great. If there are no restrictions printed on the coupon or find print. This basically means you buy 1 of that product and you can get the second one free. You may also be able to combine them with another coupon so be sure to check the fine print so you can either get both products free or nearly free. You find it rare to do but have seen this done. But because you are buying two products you should in theory be able to use two coupons.



With all this being said make sure your Coupons whether they are American or Canadian understanding your find print and, making sure you have a valid expiry date, product size, variety etc. you will be sure to help make sure you have smooth transaction during checkout. You make sure you will be saving time & money and avoiding and embarrassment if all your coupons go through easily. You will also make sure other customers are happy by moving the line quicker and you will even inspire other people to try couponing or even price matching to. Some people think it’s a pain to coupon or price match and don’t want to waste the time. If people see how easy it is and how it’s not that hard and see how much money can be saved they too can be inspired to save money which is what I know we want. Because we are over paying for things we shouldn’t be and in this day and age we need to make sure we save every penny we can. On one other note Cashiers love coupon and price matching people who are organized and ready to go when it comes to saving money. Also my number one tip to all this when you are at checkout make sure you pay attention to the price that is being rung in whether it be for your price match or coupon. If you know prices too and if a product is scanned wrong you can then request the scanning code of conduct. This is why I tell people know your prices when shopping and always watch as its being rung in.  You will have a faster check out and be able to get in and out of the stores quickly.




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