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Surround Your Self with Good Influences


We've all probably heard this before, that we often are judged and are influences by the people around us. This goes both ways - good and bad. My personal goal is to surround myself with the most successful people that have good habits. Also note, when I mention success, I don't necessarily mean financial success, I mean those who are happy and doing well.

Not everyone recognizes the important of saving money, and some people will not share the same enthusiasm as you. It's important that your friends and family and anyone who  you spend time with understand your goals and why you do things. You don't need to get into specifics, but you should communicate to those people around you that you are trying to save money and cut back on spending money. Hopefully they will support you and be a good influence.

If you find the people around you are a bad influence, this could get challenging. You may need to speak with them a few times to ensure that they understand what you are trying to do, and possibly even why - you can go into as much details as you like, every relationship is different, only go into as much detail as you are comfortable with.

If a few conversations go by and you are still finding specific people a bad influence, you may need to cut back on the time you spend with them to focus on being around good influences. Again this is your choice, but it's always recommended to surround yourself with positive people with positive influences.

It's also important that you be a good influence for others as well, make sure you are a positive person and influence people in a positive manor.

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