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Shoppers Drug Mart Trip





I just got back from Shoppers Drug Mart when i first got there before i even started I purchased $75 in gift cards and earned 750 Shoppers Optimum Points.

To start I ended up buying this box of baby wipes which where $19.99 - I used the printable coupon for 2000 bonus points. The box of wipes I chose has a coupon book inside for $25.00 in savings. (Find out what coupons that where inside here)  and i also bought a pack of Pampers Cruisers which were on sale for $10.99 i used my $2.50 off coupon so I paid $8.49 for the diapers. Between these two products I earned 5,000 bonus shoppers points! 🙂 ( Remember you only need 8,000 for $10.00 off )

So I paid $28.48 for these to items and earned about ($7 back in points)

I also ended up buying Milk which was on sale for $3.99

Dual back of Purell Hand Sanitizer that was on sale for $3.49 and used my $1.00 off coupon from mail insert - So i paid $2.49

I also bought to packs of Dentyne Ice Singles which where on sale for 0.99 and earned 250 bonus Shoppers Optimum Points

Mach3 Razor which was on sale for $9.99 used a tear pad coupon for $3.00  - So i paid 6.99

Vaseline Jelly on sale for $1.99

Colgate Dual pack Toothbrushes $8.49 - used $2.50 off coupon - They also had bonus points offered to.

I also picked up a pack of Scott Paper Towels that where on sale for $4.99 ( I only bought because i really needed paper towels)

I also grabbed two head and shoulders which where on sale for $5.99 and you get bonus Shoppers Optimum Points and used my $2.50 off coupon to pay $9.48 for both ( only did this because my daughter can only use their sensitive scalp Shampoo and Conditioner and i was there already.)

I also bought a couple other things but i my total purchase should of been $84.91 I used my $10.00 off  printable coupon (valid today only March 15th 2013) to make my total $74.91 and earned

840 Regular points

810 Product Points

5000 Coupon Points

for a total 7400 points including the two gift cards I had Purchased.  (almost $10.00 in points back)



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