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Saving Money and Being Thrifty in Todays Media

Up until recently, if you were known as being cheap or thrifty it was normally not a good thing. For years this has been "the norm". Recently we have seen a new breakthrough where being cheap, thrifty, etc - is a good trait and many people are trying to live this lifestyle. This could be due to the recent changes in economy or the cost of living, either way - it is great to see people actually liking saving money and being proud of it!

Some recent exposure for this behavior in the media: The song Thrift Shop by Macklemore, the TV series Extreme Cheapskates on TLC, the TV series Extreme Couponing on TLC, the TV series Til Debt Do Us Part on Slice.

These are just a few examples, but it seems every few months some new TV show on some way/shape or form to save money is popping up. This is a great thing, it seems that this media exposure has helped people realize that it's a good thing to save money!

While we do not need to follow every piece of advice or everything that people do in these songs or TV shows (in Extreme Cheapskates one person admits to doing her own dental work and pulling her own teeth out), it is still good to see how different people chose to live life and the sacrifices they make and the ideas they have. Some of these shows are very good and teach proper budgeting and using a cash budget like Til Debit do Us Part.

Like always, take it all with a grain of salt, take all the information in and digest it and decide for yourself on what is possible to do (or not do) in your life and in your personal situation.

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