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Rachel’s 4th birthday

Our Daughter will be turning 4 on Wednesday April 10th and we have been super busy all week with her.

On Saturday we all went out to get our Family Photos done at Walmart for their 35 Pictures for $9.99 plus we got a free 10x13 of a different pose. We love taking advantage of this package deal at Walmart. The trick is don't get suckered in on doing their upgrading. Especially when you go and pick up your pictures they always print extras of other prints and try to sell them to you when you pick up your pictures. Instead of paying 10$ for just one picture. Why not try going back the next day or a following week to do the one pose package for $9.99 and get 35 pictures of that pose. We have been doing this for quite sometime now after we realized how silly we were in getting suckered in the first time.

On Sunday We had Rachel's Birthday Party at here Nana and Papa's house (My Dad and Step Mom) We kept it simple and Small. I went over ahead of time a decorated with 1 pink Streamer that I paid $1.00 for and helium filled balloons which i bought the tank to do it yourself at walmart for $22.00 and some balloons which cost me $2.00. I also bought this one banner that said Happy Birthday on it i believe 4 or 5 different times and I just cut it so i could place the Happy Birthday in 5 different spots around their house. For her Cake Nana Would normally make one of her yummy cakes but unfortunately they have been super busy with work that i picked one up at Walmart for $11.99 on sale.  I also had a princess Table Cloth and Princess Party hats from Previous years that i bought on sale for $1.00 each that I was able to reuse.

I also got Princess Paper Plates and Car plates for the guys so they weren't to princess-ed out! which cost me $2.00 on each!

rachel riding her bik

For her Birthday Party Presents at Nana & Papa's house she got:

Brand new bike from (Nana & Papa - Thanks Nana Papa)

 New Basket and streamers for her handles, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads & wrist guards from us) 

We got the helmet for only $14.99 because we were able to take advantage of the Scanning Code of conduct! I believe the Helmets where all on Rollback or sale the previous week for $24.99 and the princess helmet we got Rachel scanned in at $29.99. So we were able to get $10.00 off the lower price which was $24.99 to make it only $14.99! 🙂 Needless to say we were quite Happy About this. We got her Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards, Knee pads where $19.99. The basket with Streamers for her handles was only $11.99 for both.

(For more information on the Scanning Code of Conduct Click here)

rachel helmet

She also got a  Princess Bowling set from her Great Grandpa ( Thank you Great Grandpa)

Along with lots of bubbles from her Aunty Amber ( Thank you Aunty Amber)


Needless to say she has a lot of fun and was so happy to get her new bike with her basket so she can bring her kitty (stuff animal she has had since she was 6 months old that she brings almost everywhere) with her.

With all this being said Wednesday April 10th is her actual birthday and we do have one more special present for her. We will also be going to her Grandma's house on Saturday the 13th to celebrate with Chris side of family. We will be keeping it simple and easy and just be having a bbq and hopefully be able to go to park and  just enjoy the time with our family.

We have never done anything crazy expensive for our kids for their birthday's and don't see the point. Don't get me wrong we make sure they understand how important they mean to us every-time they have a birthday we make sure the day if not week is all about them!With that being said we rather wait till they our older and will remember the parties. We don't see why we should waste hundreds of dollars on some crazy parties for our kids when they our so young. We rather use that money for something else for them like taking them on our yearly family vacations.




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