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New Tear Pad Coupons & My Coupon Binder March 15th 2013


I picked up these new tear pad coupons for my collection

$3.00 off when you buy any Mach 3 disposable Razor

$1.00 off on new Vaseline spray & Go Moisturizer

$4.00 off Tylenol Extra Strength Nighttime

$1.00 any Garnier Fructis Fruit Sensation Shampoo or Conditioner

(Also keep your eye out on $0.75 - $2.00 off coupons on Herbal Essences & Pantene Products)

Here is a Picture of my Coupon Binder Its extremely messy right now with all the coupons I have just got in the mail and printed, I will be going over how i organize my coupon binder hopefully sometime this week, & take some better pictures 🙂

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