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Named or No Name Brands?

Years ago if you bought no named brand foods, you would likely be in for an unpleasant experience. Over the years companies have invested a significant amount of time, energy and effort in changing this. Thus we now have several no named brands to chose from and their food can often taste quite good now.

The price difference between the named brand and no named brands can be significant, the price can be twice as much for the named brand, is it worth it? It might be, but make sure you at least try the no named brand to find out for sure!

In addition to food, several general and seasonal merchandise are now being manufactured and sold as no named brands. The list is huge, just some examples - barbeques, summer chairs, umbrellas, clothes, kitchenware, make-up accessories, snow shovels, pop/cola, etc. The great thing about several of these products is some of them are manufactured and made in the same warehouses as the brand name products. Often you can get a great deal by just having a different logo on your product. However, there are also some no named brand products which aren't as good as the brand name, as always make sure you compare the items and read the reviews of the items prior to purchase, if it's a food product, read and compare the ingredients and nutritional information.

As always, be an educated consumer, make sure you know the stores return/refund policy in case you do not like the items. If the no named brand is part of the same company as the store or under the same umbrella they will often have a guarantee that if you do not like the product, you can return it with no questions asked.

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