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My husbands Steve Job’s Book …



So I bought my husband Chris the Steve Jobs book by Walter Isaacson. Well one day after I get out of the shower I see the book and the picture on the cover of him staring at me ( felt like he was). Well I told Chris about this and how it was really creepy. So now what has he done, He changes his picture in my phone to this picture so whenever he calls or messages me I see the picture. He also changes my background picture on my phone to this picture, Along with my computer background. So needless to say he is tormenting me. I have learned my lesson to not tell him when something creeps out! ( I actually should of learned this lesson a while ago! 🙂

With this being said don't get me wrong I think it is a wonderful picture, it was just creepy at the time as I am getting out of the shower and the book is staring at me. So needless to say now every time I see the picture I just laugh and think of Chris. Even now I  can't help but laugh and think of Chris as I have the picture from the book Staring at me as I type this!

So Thank you Chris & Steve for bringing a Smile to my face! 🙂


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