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Kids New Bedroom Set





After a long weekend of bed hunting and figuring out what we are going to do for our soon to be 2 year old son for a bed. We went from buying a box spring and mattress and just putting it on the floor, to a Car or Train bed etc. After looking online, going to Ikea, united furniture warehouse and so on. We ended up buying this bed at Jysk in Burlington!

We found a 6" Foam Double Mattress for $129.00 from $199.00  - Click Here

We Found a Double Bed Frame for $129.00 from $149.00 - Click Here

and we also got our daughter a matching Queen Bed Frame for $ 139.00 from $169.00 - Click Here

We decided our kids would go right from there crib to a larger bed instead of a toddler bed or a twin bed for a few reasons. One our daughter has a larger bedroom this is why she got a queen size bed and our son got a double because that is what would work best in his room. Second we didn't understand or see why we would by a toddler bed which is the same mattress size as a crib for them to only grow out of it after a year or two. Third we didn't want to buy a twin because they would either grow out of this mattress eventually and we wanted them to have room to roll around the bed when they are sleeping so we don't need to worry about them falling off the bed in the middle of the night. When the kids have friends to sleepover there is more then enough room for them to share the bed with there friends or me! 🙂

I then needed to go to Walmart to find new bedding for our sons new bed. I used my daughters old queen size waterproof mattress protector. I then found a bed in a bag set on sale for $34.00 from $39.88 previous sale. Which comes with a comforter, 4 pillow cases, 1 bed skirt, 1 flat and 1 fitted bed sheet. I also grabbed a Flannel fitted bed sheet on sale for $5.00 and another fitted sheet that was on sale for  $10.00.




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  1. You did good! Great prices for everything, and he looks so happy to have his ‘big boy bed’ 🙂

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