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Grocery Store Shopping tips

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Here are some great Grocery shopping tips, Most people know about savings from couponing and price matching. Here are a few tips you might not have thought of or tried when it comes to pinching your pennies!



When buying produce like Grapes and Apples take the stems off before putting in a bag. With grapes use a store bag to put the grapes in don’t use the bag the grapes come in. The bag the grapes come in weighs a bit more than the store bags so by doing this you can save a few pennies

Also when buying food that needs to be weighed make sure to not tie the end off until they have weighed your item. You will sure save a penny buying doing this.


Try buying Non-Brand Name items. Store labels or no-name brands are often cheaper then well marketed national brands. Most The time they are the exact same products. Read the ingredients list and compare the products to make sure they have they exact same. You normally find with pharmacy related products they are the exact same thing just different name and different prices.


When buying look at the price per unit. When comparing similar items among your brands. Look at more than just the price; you want to consider the amount to. You want to check the price per unit. Some stores show you in tiny print on their label on the shelf. Sometimes you may need to bring your own calculator or most phones now have calculators to find out for yourself.

To find out the price per unit for example on diapers Take the price amount of diapers in the box and divide it by the number of actual diapers in the box to.


Diapers cost $20 and there is 40 Diapers in the box  so you will do 20/40 (20 divided by 40) = $ 0.50 So you are paying $0.50 per diaper


For non food related items like batteries and cell phone cases try places like ebay you will more likely find it for a fraction of the cost that you would in a store

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