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Ditch the Collection

stamp collection

This might not sit well with some people, but it needs to be said! Many of us are collectors of one item or another. Collections can range from a variety of things such as stamps, old currency, dolls, cars, cards, comics and the list can go on and on.

The unfortunate part about collecting is often it ends up costing us more money than it benefits us. Even at the end of the day if we were to sell our collection off, most of the time we would not recoup the initial cost of all of the items. Unless you can get very lucky with your items, if you collect it often ends up being a money pit. Even if you can recoup your costs, you will still have your money tied up in objects which you rarely get use out of (aside looking and admiring your items).

It's going to be difficult, but if you have a collection, consider selling or parting it out. In the end, money in the bank or money invested benefits you much more than objects that you aren't using. The other plus side is you will also free up space which will help reduce clutter.



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