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Deceitful Grocery Store Tricks to Watch Out For

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 Deceitful Grocery Store Tricks to Watch Out For

    When it comes to supermarkets then know how to play tricks on you to either make you think you are getting a good deal, or to buy something you didn't want. Ever wonder why milk is always in the far back corner of the store? Because they want you to walk through the rest of the store just in case you see something else you might want. So here are some tips and tricks to keep watch for the next time you go grocery shopping.
1.) End of aisle placement

The end of the aisles is a prime selling venue in the stores. That doesn't necessarily mean it is the best deal for the customer. The grocery store could be trying to offload some high margin stock, or they may have even received a premium for stocking this particular brand in the front and centers of the isles. When you see this just keep on walking right past. When you come to the same product where it is normally placed, alongside the other exact same items just different brand name you can then price compare to make sure you are getting the best deal.

So Always ignore the end of aisle placements and check the selves where they are normally placed.

2. Eye-level placement

Did you know that when stores want to sell  something in particular to you over another item or brand, they will place these products at eye level for you. This is because its naturally where the first place your eyes goes to on the shelves, and your more likely to pick up those items over the other. You will find they put more expensive name brand items at eye level. What is funny is they use the female averages at the eye level height, because women are more likely to be grocery shopping. Which doesn't work for me because I am over 6 feet tall and the average women is 5'8''. Stores tend to put the small sizes at eye level too, with larger sizing above or below. These larger sizes tend to have a lower price per unit (bigger is better!), so it's more economical to go for one of those.  So make sure you are always looking up and down when you go through the isles.

3. Buy 1 get 1...

We have all seen deals with variations of buy one get one free, buy one get one for X amount. In general these are good deals, because you are getting the second item at a definite reduction. You have to be very careful sometimes though with perishables particular, salad, fruits, and dairy you need to consider weather you will actually use the second item and if it is really worth it. Why spend money on food to only have to through it out.

4. Multi-buys

If you see a sign stating that a product is on a multi buy offer, Make sure you take a closer look. If you are getting 5 items for $10.00 but are also regularly priced at $2.00 each there is no point in buying 5 of them. This is the grocery store trick in just trying to make you buy bigger quantities. So be very careful of this. With that being said to some stores like Wal-Mart you have to do the multi buy deal in order to get the deal. Where places like Loblaw you don't have to buy 2 or more to get the multi-buy deals.

5. Product Pairings

You can see this technique used often, when you have to buy two different items for a price of lets say $5.00 don't instantly buy that bag of chips and dip, take a close look at the individual pricing and ask yourself if you really need it. On many occasions, there are no actual savings in the product paring, so it might not be worth buying both products. Also keep in mind that when you were planning on buying a bag of chips were you really planning on buying dip to? This is how the stores get you to spend more money in the store.

6. Up-selling & cross-selling

Grocery stores will often place a premium or complementary product alongside your regular brands in hope that you might buy the higher value or extra item.

Up-selling in encouraging you to buy a higher priced product. For example the premium brand name cereal compared to the grocery stores own brand

Cross-selling is where the grocery stores are trying to make you buy a product that goes along well with your original choice. Such as Cheerio's you will often see a kid friendly snack cheerio container hanging near by.

if you are aware of these tricks and methods used by the grocery stores and other store you can then try to avoid them.  Just remember to be a smart shopper and that you are trying to save money.


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