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Day Trips or Trips in the Car – Pack A Snack!

We all like to take a trip away from the home once and a while. With some simple and careful planning you can save a ton of money over the course of a year.

Car Rides and Some Small Trips - Anytime you are going in the car for 30 minutes or more, pack a cooler, include water and whatever other drinks you and the people you are traveling with like, considering bringing some small snacks too. For example - Bottles of water can cost $1-$2 or even more when you buy individually, if you bring your own it will cost a fraction of that.

Day trips - This is a similar idea but instead of just one, pack a few coolers. Pack a cooler just for the car. Pack another cooler for your meals and snack while you are doing your day trip. This is a huge money saver, especially depending on where you are going. A recent trip of ours was to a zoo, the cost for a regular bottle of water was $4, you can get a full case of water for less than that! The food at many places is also extremely overpriced, if you can pack your own you can dramatically help keep your costs down.

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