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Cutting your daily spending costs

Did you know if you were able to save 0.25 a day in your spending habits for 10 years that is $912.50 which is almost a $1000 now if you took that 0.25cents a day you saved and put it into a savings account your money would be over $1000!

So imagine if you gave up your daily coffee??  You could save around $2-$3 a day which in 10 years would be $7300. Insane right?! Look at your daily and weekly spending habits! be sure to write them down then look at the places where you can save money, from daily coffees, to eating out, buying a newspaper, etc...

Find ways to cut your daily cost’s Make your coffee at home and use a thermos to keep extra coffee warm while your at work.

Make your own lunch, if you were like me where I would stop at timmies to get a IceCapp every morning spend $3 or more the time it took me to wait in line and get my drink and sometimes snack I could have been at home making my own and my own lunch. Not only is making your lunch more cheaper you will find its more healthier and you will have more time on your lunch break. You will even save money on gas if you would drive somewhere for lunch.

Do you get a daily newspaper delivered to your house? Try canceling it and using the internet for your source of news. You will save so much by doing this. If your interested in the flyers and coupons in your paper try asking a friend who lives in apartment buildings apartments give free newspapers that comes with the flyers and coupons. Ask them to grab you one or if you can come by and pick one up. You will save anywhere from 1-3$ a day by doing this.

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