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Choosing the right diaper



Well after having 2 kids and going through many diapers I have some suggestions on what brand works best.

I have tried them all from Huggies, Pampers, Wal-Mart Brand Parents Choice, Loblaw brand PC diapers, Costco Kirkland diapers and Cloth Diapers.

So here are my thoughts and Reviews

If you are looking to save money well then cloth diapers are the way to go! I would recommend purchasing around 4  cloth diapers to start with extra inserts and see how you like it first. If you find you don't mind washing your own cloth diapers then by all means you will want to order around 4-6 more with more inserts.

Basically with Cloth Diapers you have the outer cute layer then you have the inserts where your babies pee and poo goes. When you change your babies bum remove the insert and put a new one in. easy as that. Sometimes they will have leaks so you will need to wash the outer layer. With all this being said it is a lot more work for you because you will need soak and wash your inserts and your cloth diapers. Not fun.

If you do decide to go the cloth diaper route i recommend waiting till your baby is around 2 months to start when they are not peeing our pooping as much! I also recommend the Mother Ease One Size Bamboo Diapers or any One Size fit Diapers because your baby will be growing faster then you know!

Huggies Diapers:

Huggies has some great diapers I started using them with my daughter after she started getting really horrible rashes from the pampers cruiser diapers. Once i switched to Huggie's her rashes went away. She does have very sensitive skin to though. With that being said I Had been using Huggies lots when our son was born and now that he is older Huggies Size 6 diapers just weren't cutting it. So i switched to the Pampers dry and we haven't had any problems with leaks. Huggies also has their reward program where you can earn points for buying their products and redeem for prizes, coupons & products.


Pampers oh where to start. Well my thoughts with Pampers are this there Pampers Cruiser Diapers I will never buy nor recommend to use because of the horrible burn type rash my daughter got from when we used them. I only say it is from them because she never got this rash until we started using them and as soon as I stopped her rash went away. With that being said the Pampers Dry diapers are amazing. They work better then Huggies night time diapers which really shocked me. We love using these diapers on our son for night time. We also had problems where we go to pull the tab and it would just rip right off. I called Pampers and they have sent me a FPC and 4 $5.00 off coupons on my next purchase which i was very thankful for. Pampers Also has their Reward program for gifts to grow, where you can earn points for buying their products and redeem for prizes, coupons, & Products.


Store Brand Diapers: I have tried all the store brand diapers and I do recommend using them. My favorite out of all the store brand is the Costco Kirkland Diapers. They worked well during the days and at night. Walmart Parents Choice, Loblaw PC diapers and so on they all work well but not recommend for at night time use. You will find you will get leaks at night with these diapers. I do recommend using these diapers during the day time.


My final thoughts our as this use what works best for you, your family & child. Every child is different you may find you always have leaky diapers using Pampers or Huggies but not with store brand. With that being said we always use a Store brand diaper during the days, and at night or for long car rides etc. we use the Pampers Dry diapers. If your looking to save money, or want natural diapers then Cloth diapers are sure the way to go. I loved the cloth diapers except for the fact that I am not one for the cleaning of them.

These are my thoughts and conclusions on what i think about these products.

Please comment on your thoughts and what brand you like best!!


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