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Cheap isn’t always better

Most of us love a great deal, we like to get stuff at the best possible price. What we need to be careful of is to ensure the quality of the purchase also fits our needs.

This goes hand in hand with our previous article titled Are you fully educated on the cost for all of your purchases?

Companies these days are often doing anything and everything they can to save money and cut costs. This can be a good and/or bad thing for us a consumers. This helps us get a better price on what we want, but unfortunately this can also cause products to be cheaply constructed and cause them not to last as long.

Whenever purchasing an item, we strongly recommend that you view it in person whenever possible. Even if you are buying online, if the item is carried in a traditional brick and mortar retail outlet, then visit the outlet just to look at the item (still purchase it online if the exact same product is cheaper). Also read all available reviews on the items, if possible find out how long the items have been owned and if they are still functioning at the initial capacity (again this will vary item by item). Depending on the product you will want to look at different things, if you're looking at a piece of furniture you will want to see how sturdy it is and see if it will hold up to being moved around and occasionally bumped. If you're looking at an electronics item, you will want to compare the performance to other makes and models and brands. You will also want to review and specifications, they don't mean everything but they will mean something - make sure if you don't know what these specs mean and how it will effect the item you are looking at.

If a product does end up not lasting as long as you were hoping, reach out to the manufacturer of the item and kindly let them know that you had higher expectations for the item and explain to them what happened. Provide pictures and/or videos where possible. Often companies like receiving this kind of feedback.

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