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Get Free Samples Daily!

I think by now we all know Free Samples are hard to come by! We have found a way to get daily updates on the free samples currently available! It's so simple, just sign up below and get daily emails of when free samples become available to your area!.. Read More

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It's that time of year again! Time to start on taxes! Don't wait, the smart people know the people who complete their taxes first are the first to get their refund and get it much quicker than those who wait! Start with e-file today and .. Read More

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Need Some Extra Motivation?

Hello Everyone! Let's face it, day in and day out can be a total grind. We all get down from time to time. Join our friends on Facebook (Motivational Quotes) and help keep up!.. Read More

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Mistakes Do Happen

Mistakes Do Happen

In our lives, mistakes do happen. We sometimes make the wrong choices, we sometimes make foolish choices, we sometimes don't think properly and sometimes things just happen. Regardless of where you are now, where you have been in the past and .. Read More

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What Will You Spend Your Tax Return On?

What Will You Spend Your Tax Return On?

I see it online, I hear people talking about it - everyone is talking about what they are going to spend their tax return on. I even see commercials on TV and ads on the internet of shopping outlets advertising their "Tax Return sales". Now wh.. Read More

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Spring and Summer Are Coming!

Spring and Summer Are Coming!

Finally, the nice weather is coming, time to say goodbye to winter and snow! Lets start to take advantage! Turn your furnace off or set it to circulate only. Get out and start walking or go for bike rides - this is not only good exercise but a.. Read More

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What Are Your Needs?

What Are Your Needs?

We are all very different, each and every one of us. We all have different wants, needs, expectations, experiences, memories, dreams, etc. All of this helps shape us to who we are and who we will become in the long term and it also effects eve.. Read More

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Say NO To Payday Loans

Say NO To Payday Loans

Most of us have probably heard of payday loans, hopefully we have all avoided them. If you haven't, by the time you finish reading this article, we hope that you will never use these "services" again. The typical payday loan business (some exampl.. Read More

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Big News Coming Soon

Big News Coming Soon

We have some pretty big stuff coming in the next week or two.. Make sure you're following us on Facebook (http://www.ipennypinch.com/ipennypinch) and Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/ipennypinch.com) and make sure to sign up to our e-mail list. Ma.. Read More

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Compulsive Buying Disorder

Compulsive Buying Disorder is defined as someone having an obsession with shopping, spending and buying that causes negative situations or outcomes. It is estimated that this disorder effects 6% of people in North America and surprising or not, is ju.. Read More

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Retire Partially off of The Banks Money!

Retire Partially off of The Banks Money!

It's true! If you start investing early enough you can earn a ton of compound interest. Compound interest is awesome as you earn interest from your initial investment, your new contributions and even off of the interest! Depending on where you li.. Read More

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Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Setting and Achieving Your Goals

  Hopefully by now you have set some types of goals in your life, whether it be financial, or any type of goal. We are also hoping that you do set some financial goals and revisit them periodically to see if you are on track or if they ne.. Read More

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It's Never Too Late to Start Saving

It’s Never Too Late to Start Saving

One of the excuses I hear for people not saving money is "it's too late", and yes, I did say excuses! It's never too late, despite your age, job or status, it's never too late to save and better your future. While it is true, you can take advanta.. Read More

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Booking a Cheap Vacation

Booking a Cheap Vacation

We all need some time away, this time away taken in different ways. Some people prefer to take "stay-cations" and take time off of work and stay at home and relax. Others like to take trips a few hours ago and some take trips hours away. Regardle.. Read More

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Don't Burn Your Bridges

Don’t Burn Your Bridges

If you haven't heard of the saying "Burning Your Bridges", it just means ending a relationship in a bad way, it can be any relationship - friendship, employment, etc. There was a story of how a girl quits her job on a dry erase board and her f.. Read More

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