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Are You Shopping to Save Money or Earn Points?

Retailers and smart and they can be very good at convincing us to spend more money at their stores. A prime example of this is their loyalty points systems. While if used properly loyalty (points) programs can be a great benefit to the consumer, but we always need to be careful and buy what we need opposed to buying what will give us the most points.

Metro does a great job at this, their loyalty program is air miles, in addition to the regular points you earn, they often offer bonus points if you buy certain products or even a certain quantity of certain products. Below is an example of one of Metro's ads, if you buy 2 cases of pop for $10 you get 15 air miles.


Does this seem like a good deal to you? It doesn't look like one for me. Being someone that buys pop on a regular bases I can tell you $10 for 2 cases ($5 each case) is not a good deal. However many people will look past this and just buy this to get the 15 bonus points. I see a good deal for a case of pop being $3, in this example the difference is $2. Unless the 15 points is worth more than $4, it's not worth it.

We as consumers need to be smart and buy what we need and want and look past the gimmicks and fancy offers. The other scary thing is if we do not need the product, we need to make sure we don't just buy it for the sole purpose of receiving the points.

I'm not saying do not look at points, just make sure that if you see an item where you will get bonus points - make sure that it is an item on your list that you need to buy and that it is at a price that you are willing to pay. If all of those stars align, then grab those extra points!


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