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A Trip to Canadian Tire – 2 Deals for the Guys

We took a trip to the local Canadian tire yesterday, I was lucky enough to find 2 great deals for the guys! Sorry ladies, this one is all about the guys! 🙂

First, I found an Intech Golf Swing Trainer, normally priced at $39.99, it was now marked as $12.99. To make it even better, when it scanned at the price checker and register it scanned at $11.99. I used a Canadian Tire Scratch Card from the promotion this weekend, this gave me an addition $5 off, taking the price down to $6.99. This is an 83% discount, not bad!




The second deal was for a 20 piece Mastercraft Screwdriver set, it's not the best screwdriver set but it gets the job done. Last week while doing some repairs around home I noticed my current set was getting a little low on screwdrivers so I knew that I needed a new set shortly. This set was listed at normally $39.99 and on sale this week for $9.99. This combined with a Canadian Tire Scratch Card (we got $5 off), made the purchase $4.99, which is 88% off the regular price.



Now, if you're wondering how we were able to use 2 scratch cards, it was very simple - they came in the flyer that is mailed out every week. We asked family and friends if they weren't going to use theirs if we could have it. Then from there, you split the order up into 2 different orders and have a different person make the purchase, or make different trips into the store.

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