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A bit about me and my Jordon’s Morning Crisp night time snack

What the box looks like 🙂

What it looks like before i am about to eat it! 🙂

Well I am 28 years old and one of those people who never sleeps it might seem. I have been married to my wonderful husband Chris since October, 21, 2006.  I am stay at home mom and wife of two wonderful kids Rachel who will be 4 in April & Luke who will be 2 in June. I am always trying to keep them busy with teaching them new fun things to do. Which I am hoping to share some of these experiences with you as time goes on. I have been a Stay at home wife & mom for 5 years now (since i found out i was pregnant).

With that all being said, I  have recently went to Wal-Mart and while shopping for deals i  picked up a box of Jordon's Morning Crisp Cereal Which was just on sale for $2.00 from $5.99 i think it was. Anyways I grabbed the chocolate curls flavor. Well needless to say it is really, really, really good in my opinion. If you like all Natural and Granola and chocolate well this cereal is for you. I ended up going back and buying the rest at my local Burlington Wal-Mart (sorry, There was only 2 left when i went back) I also picked up the mixed berry ones which i haven't tried yet but I am sure it is just as good. They have lots of this flavor left for $2.00.

So be sure to check it out if your Wal-Mart has any for $2.00

Anyways I just couldn't sleep like always and wanted to share with you my late night snack while I typed this up.

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