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9 Excuses You Use To Spend Money

Stop Spending Money


Stop Spending Money ~ 9 Excuses You Use To Spend Money


You are a clever person, which means you probably have a clever mind, well a mind of its own. You can talk yourself into things, o ut of things and even over things. When your mind is healthy, strong, and on the angelic side of your shoulder, talking you out of spending money your don't have, this is always great. When your mind is weak and a devils advocate, telling your better self, "but, but its on sale..." and you will be getting that extra money soon. Then it is time for a little combat training to be those excuses you have into shape. Below you will find a guide to creating your mind to help you get on a anti-shopping and stop using excuses for things you want.

Excuse #1.) But It Is On Sale

(Also know as: it is really cheap, Its such a great deal, but it is only $4.99.)

Retailers really understand that people want a deal that an entire multi-buy deal inspired industry has grown upon this, and outlets even create fake markdowns on their price tags. This will require a mind of steel but you must train yourself to ignore the base price of offers. You need to only focus on the offered price not the sale price. You also need to only consider: 1.) Do you actually need it and 2.) whether the price actually fits within your budget, even if its a big purchase. If the price doesn't fit into your budget then you need to say no, save your money. Do not make that purchase on credit, cash advances or any other way of paying with money that you do not have.

Excuse #2.)But I have Been Working So Hard, I Deserve It

We have all worked hard (unless you were born wealthy or won the lottery) We all work hard for are money, it is not that you shouldn't use your hard earned money to enjoy your life. You just need to understand that working hard should not be an excuse to over spend. After all it is not like your income will automatically grow to how difficult work has been lately. Your budget will not disappear or get less because of how you feel about your work stress. If it is consistently not adding up consider looking for a new job where you will be compensated better.

Excuse #3.) But I am Getting My Raise/Bonus Soon

This is kind of like number two just sneakier and much more persuasive. In this excuse lies and promise of money that awaits you, whether it is a commission, bonus or even a raise. How do you know you will be getting this? Is it certain? The worst thing you can go and do is spend money you do not have yet. Life is unpredictable, and anything can happen. So do not go out spending money you do not have, simply you need to wait until the money comes into your bank account. Just because you got a bonus last year or a raise last year does not mean you will get one this year. My husband and I once almost bought a new Television for over $1000 onto our credit card because we "knew" he would be getting his raise soon. Sure enough when he should have gotten his raise he didn't get nearly as much as was expected. We would of been left with a $1000 debt. So don't spend "expectant" money until you actually get it.

Excuse #4.)But I might Go Away Soon, I Might Go Camping etc.

You need to buy for the life you have, not for the life you want. Sometimes we buy things because of the lifestyle they represent and how. They will embellish you to the person you want to be. Do not just ignore these urges but instead examine them. Your desired purchases may be telling you something, that you year for more adventure, culture, nature and so on to your life. So make the life changes happen, Then get the stuff later if you need it then. My husband and I bought a camping set one year because it was on sale and we figure oh we used to camp all the time when we were kids we should go out and do some camping more. We made this $100 purchase over 3 years ago and still haven't used the tent. Mostly because we didn't look into the costs of camping and realized we rather save the money from camping and just go enjoy nature at are cottage.

Excuse #6 But Everyone Else Is Getting One

I have a friend who we like to call the "Sucker Shopper" because whenever we go out and buy something and they have found out about what we bought they are persuaded to buy one too. Don't underestimate the power of influences other over spending people have on you. You need to tune these people out and remember your budget. No one else will be around to bail you out later when you get over your head in debt from spending.  Parents of kids are the worst for this they are always wanting to buy the best of everything for there kids and what all the "other" parents have for there kids. Do not get stuck in this trap unless you want to head down the road of long term debt.

 Excuse #7 But I Can Return It

This is high on the scale for sneaky excuses people will use. Once you get home with the item, you can grow attached, the reason to return this item will fade away or you just can't be bothered. If you are a returnaholic, it is not healthy or time savvy. You do not want to get into a cycle of buying and returning and its not ethical to buy something, wear it and return it. Chances are, once you buy it you will keep it.

Excuse #8 But I Have Been So Good Lately

You have been so good lately sticking to your budges and cutting you spending, Congratulations to you. You just don't want to undo all your hard work by blowing it away with a giant splurge. The best way to handle this is to give yourself specific goals, and as you reach them set aside a certain amount for reaching your goal. For a example you have been saving $400 a month then put aside $40 at the end of each month aside for you to spend. Just make sure your goals are realistic and that you are saving $400 a month you will be taking $200 at the end of each month for you to keep.

Excuse #9 But I have Been So Bad Lately

This is just as bad as number 8, sometimes when people screw up, they will say "what the heck, I am already so over my budget already and so much in debt they will just let there credit card fly right out of there hands. People tend figure ah I am already $5000 in debt on my credit card what is another $25 or $100, $200 or even $1000. This is the lost cause kind of thinking, when in fact everyday is a new chance for you to start fresh and exercise those stop-spending muscles. If you have already had a bad day, do not give up or beat yourself up over it. Just make sure you start the following day with a even stronger thinking and mindset to resolve your debt. Everyone messes up, the key is  what we do with our failures. Use your spending mistakes to inspire you to do better and don't give up. Remember you will be more happier knowing you are debt free then you are purchasing things that will put you in debt and only temporary make you happy.

So stop using excuses for your next purchase, weather it is on sale, the price is right, you think you have to have it. Save your money and go back to it once you have enough for your purchase. By they I can almost guarantee you probably still don't want or need it.





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