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$70 and Up for for a Ticket to the Blue Jays Home Opener (Ontario)


$70 and Up for for a Ticket to the Blue Jays Home Opener on April 2

  • Limited quantities available!
  • Level 500 tickets are sections 532-538 or better - $70 per ticket
  • Level 100 Outfield tickets are sections 136-142 - $145 per ticket
  • Level 100 Infield tickets are sections 114, 115, 117, 128, and 129 - $220 per ticket
  • See your favourite ballplayers compete en route to victory
  • Toronto’s most exciting sports entertainment
  • Get seats to one of the most anticipated sports events of the year
  • Fun for the entire family

Description & Reviews

“I'm no Johnny-Come-Lately when it comes to cheering on this team.  I've been a sucker for them since I first sat down with my parents to watch a game sometime in '87 or '88. George Bell!  Jesse Barfield! Tom Henke! Ernie Whitt! Oh the nostalgia, it jumps on me when I least expect it. I suppose the fact that I was watching a team always in contention helped peak my interest during my early fan years but I've been hooked ever since and find, even in their worst seasons, it's impossible for me not to root for them. Go Jays Go!”
- Margaret F.

”Since the Expos moved south of the border, the Jays have become the only team outside the U.S. and have thus become the perpetual underdog...and who doesn't love an underdog? Through all the downs though, they've always entertained even when they've lacked a certain spark.  And despite being in the hardest division in the game - they always keep it interesting.?? Now with John Gibbons back as club manager - it's hard to deny, even through injuries and unrealistic expectations, the spark is most definitely back. The games seem more exciting and entertaining than they've been in years thanks to the dedication of All-Star quality players. I'm watching...and I'm cheering no matter their record or their popularity.?And if you've got kids - the Club goes out of their way to have activities and events ALL the time.  Look into Jr. Jays events at the Rogers Centre - totally worth it!  And if you're looking for a Canada Day tradition - I suggest taking in a Jays ballgame.  SO fun.  You won't regret it.??Go Jays GO!”
- Emma B.

“TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME!?It's not just America's pastime people.. For serious, there's nothing better than sitting under the sun on a lazy summer evening with a $10 beer watching the boys in blue battle it out for American League East supremacy. Nothing better!?I go maybe 8-10 times a year and it's great as a date, night on the town or family outing. Take your mama there on Mother's Day! Surprise the boys with cheap 500 Level seats on a Wednesday night! Go solo and listen to the play-by-play on the radio! (I've never done that, but that's real fan dedication).?Plus, you can have an impact on the game with your voice and clapping. ?LET"S GO BLUE JAYS!”
- Kevin D.

“We were in Toronto after visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame.  So, we were in the mood to see a great baseball game.  And that's exactly what we got.  The Orioles were in town and not looking too shiny, so it was an easy win for the Blue Jays.  We even got to see Bautista hit a homer.  Yay!”
- Julie D.


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