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2 Week Meal Planning & Budgeting

2 Week Meal Planning & Budgeting

I like to make my meal plans for two weeks sometimes 3 weeks or a month depending on Sales and Deals I can find during the week.

I am only allowed to spend $150.00 a week on food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, toys, eating out etc. so I like my meal planning to go for 2 weeks at a time instead of 1 week. I like doing this this because if i can get everything we need for our two weeks of meal under $150.00 then I am set for the following week with my next $150.007

I plan my meals based on weekly flyer sales and deals. My weekly meal planning starts on Wednesday as well as my Weekly spending allowance on groceries. We chose Wednesday’s because I usually am able to know what deals to expect the next week and compare them to the previous week to figure out if I should get more of something if I need or wait.

I also always try to budget under my weekly allowance because whatever I do not use I will be able to use it for the following week. This is great for when there is a great sale on something or something we might need. Then whenever I get to a certain amount usually $1000 I then bank half of it to go towards RRSP, Mortgage and bills.

Starting this week March 20th 2013 I will be starting from scratch to show you how we do this. I will show you everything I bought with my weekly limit and if I used coupons, deals or sales to purchase any of my items and from where. We also like to do a fiscal fast for a week where we don’t spend any of the $150.00 just to bank it so we have it there to use if I need to for another week. I am already planning on doing a fiscal fast for sometime in April, this will probably be the week after our daughter's 4th Birthday.

For my meal planning the first thing I always look around to see what I already have in the house and what I kind of meals I can make from what I have. I then plan my Friday and Saturday meals first because I usually like to keep Fridays & Saturday meals easy and non-left overs such as homemade pizza, chicken fingers and fries, KD etc.

From Sunday – Thursday meals I always like to have left overs for Chris to take to work with him so he has his lunch for the following day.

I am in the process of making my new two week meal plan I have the first week done so take a look

(Note our Daughter doesn’t eat meat so I am usually making two different meals)

(Note items that our in bold means I need a ingredient or two from the store.)






Wednesday March 20th Thursday March 21th Friday March 22nd Saturday March 23rd Sunday March 24th Monday March 25th Tuesday March 26th
Eggs & Toast Cereal Cereal Pancakes Eggs, Bacon toast & Potatoes Cereal Cereal
Grilled cheese Left overs P&J Bbq Hamburgers, veggies Hamburgers, Corn & Veggies Soup Grilled cheese
Hamburger Helper & Rice & Veggies & KD (kids) Indian Chicken – rice, Veggies, Pasta (kids) Chicken fingers & Fries Hot dogs, salad, veggies Jerk chicken, Rice and veggies, potatoes Meat Loaf, Potatoes, veggies sidekicks Cheese tortellini, rice and veggies

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